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analyses of chitosan/polyvinylpyrrolidone/ mimosa tenuiflore using pm3 and am1 semi-empirical
isbn: 978-1-940366-00-5
author : norma rangelvazquez

the technological tempest: charting a new course
isbn: 978-1-940366-01-2
author : matthew mitchell, department of pharmacology, faculty of basic medical sciences, block b, bangabandhu sheikh mujib medical university, bangladesh

research seminars in mathematical finance: stochastic volatility models, option pricing, calibration
isbn: 978-1-940366-02-9
authors :
francesca mariani
dipartimento di scienze economiche, università di verona, verona, italy
francesco zirilli
dipartimento di matematica "g. castelnuovo", università di roma "la sapienza", roma, italy
lorella fatone
dipartimento di matematica e fisica, università di camerino, camerino, italy
maria cristina recchioni
dipartimento di management, università politecnica delle marche, ancona, italy

project and journal article writing for agricultural science and related disciplines in the academia
isbn: 978-1-940366-03-6
author: ibrahim hayatu kubkomawa, phd, department of animal health and production technology, nigeria

a review article of microwave irradiation and its application in textile industries
isbn: 978-1-940366-04-3
author : karima haggag, national research center, egypt

molecular and cellular techniques with applications in nanomedicine: course for students and researchers
isbn: 978-1-940366-05-0
author: prof. lucian mocan, surgical university hospital no. 3, nanomedicine department, university of medicine and pharmacy, "iuliuhatieganu," cluj-napoca, romania

arsenicosis: incidence, diagnosis, prevention and treatment
isbn: 978-1-940366-06-7
author: mir misbahuddin, professor and chairman, department of pharmacology, bangabandhu sheikh mujib medical university, bangladesh

scleractinian corals of vietnam
isbn: 978-1-940366-07-4
author: yuri ya. latypov, institute of marine biology feb ras,vladivostok, dalnauka

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call for special issues

special issues are an important component of science publishing group(spg) journals. they deal with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal in which they are published. they should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality. special issue proposals are welcome at any time, and should be submitted to for more information, please visit:

special issue #1 :geographical evidence in changing europe
journal title : social science
lead guest editor : maria prezioso, professor, university of rome "tor vergata"
introduction : the aim of the issue is to highlighta common critical thinking (by concepts, methods, tools, procedures, experiences, etc.) to adopt measures in order to develop and to not invalidate the development efforts implemented by european union states and regions during the 2007-2013 period. different and "sustainable" approaches and solutions from several spatial approaches and baseline scenarios could represent thegeography contributionto re-addressing the competitive e cohesive future of territorial development in europe.

special issue #2 :language teaching and learning key principles (ltlkp)
journal title : international journal of language and linguistics
lead guest editor : mozhgan alsadat ghaffarzadeh hassankiadeh, higher education institute of marlik, nowshahr, iran.
guest editor :
vuyisile msila, south african society for educators (sase)
mojtaba maghsoudi, farhangian university, arak branch, iran
fahime farjami, goldasht university of klardasht, nowshahr, iran
chei-chang chiou, department of accounting, college of management, national changhua university of education
introduction : this issue will be concentrated on language teaching, learning, testing and any analysis of language that will be related to classroom situations in schools or institutes. the focus is on second or foreign language but first language acquiring can also be included. in other words the aim of the issue will be to achieve the top goals of language learning in classrooms as much as possible. any new method, strategy or thought in this area will be welcome.

special issue #3 : ferroelectric nanodomains
journal title : american journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology
guest editor :
j f scott, cambridge
patrycja paruch, geneva
alexei gruverman, nebraska
j m gregg, belfast
introduction : until recently domains in ferroelectrics were considered to be a kind of backwater in condensed matter physics: they were thought to be simple ising-like structures, unlike the complex bloch and neel walls in magnets; and they were basically a nuisance for devices. within the past five years there has been a renaissance in the field, as hrtem and afm/pfm techniques have permitted atomic-scale resolution. here is a short list of new discoveries:
1) nano-domains that are bloch-like and neel-like (germany; michigan)
2) domain hierarchies nested inside each other (theory, prague; experiments, belfast, prague, cambridge)
3) electrically conducting domain walls (berkeley, geneva, groningen)
4) electrically conducting vertex domains (oak ridge)
5) ferromagnetism inside domain walls only but not in the domains (cambridge, berkeley)
the subtopics will include group theory of nested domains, toroidal domains, nanodomain dynamics under e-beam illumination, domain conduction, magnetoelectric/multiferroic domains, vertex collisions, self-faceting, creep exponents, and unusual geometries (toroids, etc.).

special issue #4 : micro-scale combustion & self-organizing of the micro/nano- structures in the energetic material reactionary zones
journal title : american journal of aerospace engineering
lead guest editor : dr. alexander lukin, hon. vice-chancellor (research) of the australian institute of high, energetic materials
expected date of publication: september 2014
introduction : for more than ten years, solid micro-propulsion has been an active world-wide field of research. in the combustion chambers of the solid micro-propulsion systems of the small-sized orbital maneuvering vehicles, the scale factor has the significant influence. in this connection, the micro/nano- structures arising in the energetic material reactionary zones has a large influence on physical and chemical processes and on controllability of ignition and combustion processes. the analysis of experimental data shows that in a number of cases, the macro-scale phenomena at the energetic material combustion are result of self-organizing of the micro/nano- structures in the reactionary zones. in the issue the new hypothesis of excitation of some combustion instabilities, that are connected with self-organizing of the micro/nano- structures in the reactionary zones will be discussed. this phenomenon is universal and can be understood within a common framework based on modern nonlinear dynamics. the new possibilities for effective control by ignition and combustion processes opens in connection with possibility of initiation of self-organizing of the reactionary zone by use of the electric fields and the electric discharges. self-organizing of the reactionary zones is essentially new level of self-organizing which is determined by achievement of critical special concentration of the micro/nano- structures.

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